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MVMA Recognizes Ron Sohn for Service as Executive Director

Past MVMA presidents (left to right) Dr. Tom Armitage, Dr. John Kable, Dr. Ed Jendrek, Dr. Fred Everhart, Dr. Perry Crowl, Dr. Carvel Tiekert, Dr. Krista Evans, Dr. Mike Erskine, Dr. John Brooks and Dr. Jim Reed gather to recognize Ron Sohn (center) for his service to MVMA as its executive director.

MVMA recognized Executive Director Ron Sohn at its summer conference for his 12 years of service to the association. In his opening remarks, past MVMA president Dr. Jim Reed referred to Sohn as the glue that held the association together. During Sohn’s tenure, he said, MVMA went from the lowest point in its history to its highest as a strong, vibrant association.

“For those who are unaware of the requirements placed on an executive director in an organization like MVMA the task can prove to be daunting,” said Reed. “Coordinating yearly changes of a president and board members as well as managing events, activities, bookkeeping and membership concerns is the lifeblood of the organization and is much like herding cats.”

“Ron Sohn adopted and rescued our organization. He took our 100-year-old-plus group from the very lowest point to the very highest point.” Reed continued. “His organizational skills and understanding of professional associations placed the MVMA on the path of success that equates to treating a neglected pet. Diagnosing the problem, providing supportive care while gathering support and confidence and then moving forward. A classic rescue mission. We owe Ron and his group at Management Alliance a large debt of gratitude.”

Reed emphasized that, during his time with MVMA, Sohn improved the association’s outreach to the membership with improvements to the newsletter, internet and website activities. He also increased membership value with website interaction, discount benefits, attractive meeting venues and continuing education. Perhaps the largest contribution, however, was his organizational skills with agendas, budgeting and meeting planning that provided the transfusion we needed during this difficult decade.

When addressing the attendees at this year’s MVMA Summer Conference, Sohn thanked MVMA for the opportunity to work with the association and acknowledge friendships he built that will last a lifetime.

Sohn will be succeeded by Lauren Michalski.

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