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Exciting Times for MVMA
by Jan Ginsky, VMD, CVPP, MVMA President

I am honored to be given this opportunity to serve as president of the Maryland VMA, and I’ve been honored to be on its board over the past few years.

The MVMA is entering into an exciting time. We have some challenges ahead of us, but also some wonderful opportunities.

We are going into a transitional period as we start with a new management company and executive director. Bumps in the road are to be expected but I, along with my fellow board members, am committed to helping make it as smooth and seamless as possible. And I am confident that the challenges will be minimal.
While most of the upcoming year will be status quo, there are things that I hope we can accomplish for the association.

As always, we want to increase our membership, recruiting new generations of Maryland veterinarians to not only join, but to also become active in committee and leadership roles in the association. Our committees have grown and become even more productive over the past few years, but new members will bring new ideas and energy to help move us forward as an association.

Along those lines we need to continue to grow our activities with The Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine and with Maryland students. Activities such as the foundation golf tournament, fund raising such as the silent auction, and our participation in the mentor program, help to strengthen our bond and help welcome them to the profession.
We need to continue to monitor legislation, and to lobby on behalf of Maryland veterinarians’ and pets’ interests. The MVMA Legislative Committee, along with our lobbyist Bill Erskine, has done just that over the past year, influencing legislation regarding “pet guardianship”, and the “spay-neuter” bill, and they will continue to lobby for what has become known as the “pit bull” bill being reintroduced this year. And we will be monitoring, and addressing, the continuing issue of compounding regulations.

I hope to help enhance our communications and relationship with the Maryland State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners. This could allow us to stay abreast of upcoming regulatory changes to:

1. facilitate discussion to protect veterinarians’ interests, and

2. ensure members are aware of changes that may affect their practices.

As always, the association will continue to offer quality continuing education programs to you through the efforts of the CE Committee. More recently, we have partnered with the Virginia, West Virginia, and DC VMAs to bring our members the Potomac Regional Veterinary Conference which is in its 3rd year and is being held at the Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia this November. In 2014 it’s our turn to host, on the first weekend of November at the Hyatt Regency at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. This is a wonderful and exciting opportunity and we are already hard at work to make it a huge success.

This is going to be an exciting year. Thank you.

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