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MVMA Update: Closing the Door on 2012 and Welcoming 2013
by Kris Evans, DVM, DACVS • MVMA President

The year 2013 is off to a good start! I am happy to report that the 2012 Potomac meeting and the MVMA fall meeting were well- attended, so we are looking forward to an enthusiastic showing at MVMA-sponsored events in 2013.

On the legislative front, the state assembly reconvened in early March, with further discussion of several issues important to Maryland veterinarians: House Bill 78 and Senate Bill 160 represent emergency legislation to counter the breed- specific problems created by the Solensky decision. The MVMA has been represented in the Senate and the House during the presentation of both of these bills, and we have supported this legislation with the recommended amendments to prevent breed- specific legislation. We are also monitoring HB747, pertaining to a spay/ neuter program for low-income state residents, speaking in favor of this bill with amendments.

Up and coming are our Mid Atlantic States Veterinary Clinic on May 16 at the Howard County Fairgrounds, and our summer meeting at the Clarion Hotel in Ocean City on June 23 - 25.

The 2013 Potomac meeting will be at held at the lovely Greenbriar Hotel in West Virginia on November 8 - 10. For those who have never been to the Greenbriar, it is a fabulous hotel destination, with lots of activities. We are also working diligently on our 2014 location and date for the Potomac meeting, since Maryland will serve as the host state, and are scouting Baltimore’s Inner Harbor for a venue.

Last, but not least, the Maryland Veterinary Foundation Annual Golf Classic will take place Wednesday, May 22, 2013 at the beautiful River Course at Queenstown Harbor. Being a good golfer is not a necessity—you just need to bring a good attitude and sport proper attire! The event supports veterinary education through the many scholarships provided by the Foundation.

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