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2012 Will Bring New Challenges

by Tom Armitage, DVM - MVMA President

The year 2012 will undoubtedly will provide us all with new and interesting challenges. Thanks to volunteer efforts by many of your fellow members in this past year 2011 your association has continued to innovate, communicate and represent your professional needs and concerns.

This year we saw the inauguration of a four-VMA collaboration between the MVMA, VVMA, WVVMA and DCVMA, the Potomac Regional Veterinary Conference, in Washington D.C. With almost 200 attendees it was a great success. This conference is moving forward with MVMA support, and we hope that it will become a favorite and convenient continuing education event for many members.

On the legislative front Dr. Susan McDonough was appointed to represent the MVMA on a state- legislated Spay/Neuter Task Force that is studying the feasibility of funding a statewide program, clearly a sensitive and important legislative.

We had the largest Maryland representation ever at the VMRCVM’s annual Mentors’ Event on October 11, 2011. In addition, a very ambitious group of Maryland students comprised of Alicia Agnew, Elizabeth Crook, Kathy Hatzigiannakis and others have organized and petitioned for a SAMVA-sanctioned MVMA club on the VMRCVM campus. We are proud and appreciative of their efforts.

This month your association is being represented in Chicago at the annual AVMA Leadership Conference by Doctors Kris Evans (president-elect), Jan Ginsky, and Megan Giebel, as well as AVMA representatives Doctors Dick Streett and Ed Jendrek. We look forward to their reports of the conference's highlights and initiatives.

As always we want to encourage all members and prospective members to become involved with your state association where ever possible. We all need a voice in these complex economic times, and the MVMA is a great way for our voice to be heard. New members bring new energy to our great profession—everyone is invited!

Wishing you the best of health and success in 2012.

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