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The Definition of Nostalgia
by Kris Evans, DVM, DACVS, MVMA President

The Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine’s graduating class of 2012 celebrates.

The definition of nostalgia: an excessive sentimental yearning to return to some past period-- my diagnosis for my feelings while attending the 2012 graduation of the Virginia Maryland Regional Veterinary Medical College on May 11, 2012.

Even though I did not attend veterinary school at Virginia Tech, the pride and excitement within the auditorium throughout the graduation ceremony was contagious, from both the graduates, as well as the proud, supportive spouses, family and friends. I am envious of the Virginia and Maryland faculty’s privilege to relive this experience each year.

The schoolwide graduation held earlier in the day at the Lane Stadium had the majority of the veterinary students in attendance waving their palpation sleeves while their degrees were conferred. The “rectal sleeve wave” caused a puzzled expression on the First Lady’s face as she tried to guess the significance of the “exam glove showing.”

Dr. Tisha Harper, Associate Professor of Surgery, elected by the VMRCVM Class of 2012 to give their keynote address, may have lacked the clout of Michelle Obama, but she did a commendable job advising the graduates to try and learn from each job experience even if that job does not seem like the perfect fit.

Dr. Tom Armitage, our MVMA President, did an exceptional job administering the veterinary oath to the graduates that eagerly and reverently repeated each word. I look forward to attending the next VMRVMC graduation for another dose of nostalgia as the 2013 MVMA president.

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