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Goals from MVMA's New President

Dr. Kris Evans, a veterinary surgeon practicing in Annapolis, was sworn in as the new MVMA president for 2012. In her acceptance speech Dr. Evans delineated five major goals for her year as president as identified by the Strategic Task Force of the MVMA:

1) To recruit and foster a young membership. Young veterinarians will invigorate the organization with fresh energy and new ideas, and ensure a transition of leadership to the next generation.

2) To consistently promote and lobby for the MVMA and jealously guard against unfavorable legislation. In the spring MVMA resources were marshaled to quash House Bill 912 that proposed the replacement of pet ownership with pet guardianship an example of rapid recognition of a concern and appropriate response, with excellent results.

3) Strengthening the symbiosis with the Virginia Maryland Regional Veterinary College of Veterinary Medicine will protect the agenda of the MVMA and its members, while nurturing the education of new veterinarians and their transition into the work force. New graduates will see Maryland as a welcoming state with professional and personal opportunities.

4) Continue to partner with other state and local organizations and the VMRCVM in successful joint ventures such as the Potomac Regional Veterinary Conference. Sharing expertise and resources with local veterinary colleagues is good for the MVMA and its members, a winwin proposition.

5) Sponsoring quality continuing education programs is an important task for the MVMA leaders. Maryland veterinarians need ready access to excellent aids to stay current on the rapidly changing discipline that is veterinary medicine, and the MVMA can earn a portion of its operating budget in providing that CE--a mutual benefit.

In preparation for this leadership role with the MVMA Dr. Evans has served the organization in many capacities, as a member of the Executive Board from 2011-2012 and member of the Strategic Task Force; as well as chairing the newly revitalized Public Relations Committee; sitting for two years on the Board of Directors as a Board Certified Specialist; participating in the Mentors program; and representing Anne Arundel County VMA as a delegate or alternate. In addition, she is active in other local and national organizations, having served as president of the Anne Arundel Veterinary County Association, and holding an active seat on the Board of Directors of the Veterinary Orthopedic Society (VOS). She has served multiple committees for the American College of Veterinary Surgeons (ACVS), including residency and strategic planning committees, and is presently on the nominating committee.

Dr. Evans has spoken, moderated, and taught veterinary surgical laboratories at local and national meetings. These hours of experience as a presenter of excellent continuing education will help her to fulfill her mission to ensure that MVMAs CE offering is abundant, affordable and of high quality.

Kris Evans is proud to represent veterinary medicine in Maryland, having grown up locally on the Eastern Shore. Her interest in veterinary medicine began in high school as she worked as an assistant for a local veterinary hospital. She attended the University of Georgia and obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture. While attending Georgias veterinary school she met and married Joe Prostredny, a fellow classmate. After internship and residency training she was certified by the American College of Veterinary Surgeons in 1994.

Together she and her husband founded Chesapeake Veterinary Surgical Specialists in the early 90s, the first board certified small animal surgical specialists in the state of Maryland. Recognizing a community need for enhanced levels of veterinary care, they initiated the formation of the Chesapeake Veterinary Referral Center in 1993 with multiple specialty referral practices and emergency services. Working as a practice owner and manager has provided Dr. Evans with the experience and confidence to take up the reins of leadership of the MVMA.

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