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Veterinarians Needed at the Carroll County Farm Museum

The 1890 Veterinary Surgeon’s Office at the Carroll County Farm Museum in Westminster needs member veterinarians to volunteer as guides during special event weekends this fall.

This is a one-room exhibit that acts as an in-home office of an 1890 veterinarian. The display was dedicated in 1985 on the 100th anniversary of MVMA and given to the Carroll County Farm Museum to maintain. Graduate veterinarians in the 1800s were normally called veterinary surgeons to differentiate from those not formally trained in school. Practitioners of that era concentrated mainly on horses and less on livestock and small companion pets.

Volunteers are needed for two and one-half to three hours during the following weekends this fall:

Steam Show Days
September 6-9

The Maryland Wine Festival
September 15-16

Fall Harvest Days
October 20-21

Holiday Visit
December 5-16

Volunteers are not required to have knowledge of the history, but should be able to explain the vast progress our profession has made in recent decades. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate with pride the many disciplines served by the veterinary medical profession today. You would be surprised to see the interest shown by young people. As a volunteer veterinarian you could be the person to turn on a school student to choose our profession as a career by lending your encouragement.

If you are interested in volunteering, contact Dr. Gary Roop at 410-635-6658 or Those signing up for this worthwhile endeavor will be mailed a free pass, fact sheet and directions. This can be a fun experience! For those not sure they want the challenge of being a guide, we encourage you to visit during the Steam Days weekend when admission is free.

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