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MVMA is Keeping Busy

by Tom Armitage, DVM - MVMA President

It has been a busy season for some of your MVMA officers and committee members, not the least of which was an impressive turnout of members at the State House on March 1 in opposition to H.B. 912. Please read about this issue here.

Another important issue I want to address is the new increase in state veterinary registration fees effective in June 2012. While this is not expressly an MVMA matter, it will affect many of us.

Our members should understand that the MVMA is not involved, nor are we consulted on the procedures and decisions of the The Maryland State

Board of Examiners. The board is specially funded under supervision of the Department of Agriculture, and as such, operates under their budgetary oversight.

In brief, your state board has operated effectively and efficiently over the last several years. Their reserve funds have been transferred to the state general fund to help meet state budget shortfalls, much like the highly publicized transportation funds. As a result, our state registration fees will increase for the first time in 6 years. I was contacted by the Department of Legislative Services, after the fact, for my opinion on how this would impact veterinarians around the state. You can rest assured I vehemently objected, and I will continue to express our group’s dissatisfaction about the fee hike. Last month I was invited to sit in on our neighbor Virginia’s VMA Winter Conference in Roanoke, attending their Board meeting and other events. There I learned that other neighboring states have seen budgetary challenges inflicted on their state boards because of state budget crunches. We are not alone.

To close on a good note, I'd like to congratulate the select group of Maryland VMRCVM students who succeeding in securing SCAVMA sanction of their MVMA Student Club. We are very proud of this group's efforts and initiative. I also urge you all to plan to attend our upcoming CE events at the Mid-Atlantic Clinic at the Howard County Fairgrounds, and of course, the Summer Conference at Ocean City-- always a great time had by all. We hope to see you all there!

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