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Mid-Atlantic States Veterinary Clinic Set for
May 10 in Howard County

7 CE Credits • Howard County Fairgrounds• West Friendship, MD

MVMA's 2012 Mid-Atlantic States Veterinary Clinic will be held May 10 in the Main Exhibition Hall of the Howard County Fairgrounds.

If you are a practitioner of small animal or equine veterinary medicine, this is a premier opportunity for continuing education, business information and networking. There are also educational opportunities for technicians, farriers and students. The clinic offers seven CE hours.

Click here for details and online registration.


Maryland HB 912 Addresses Animal Guardianship

Your veterinary association recently responded to legislation introduced to the Maryland House of Delegates. House Bill 912, introduced in early March, would alter certain terminology relating to the ownership and guardianship of dogs under Article 24 Political Subdivisions – Miscellaneous Provisions. DETAILS


MVMA is Keeping Busy
by Tom Armitage, DVM, MVMA President

It has been a busy season for some of your MVMA officers and committee members, not the least of which was an impressive turnout of members at the State House on March 1 in opposition to H.B. 912. DETAILS

The State of Our "Stake"

The definition of the word “stake” can be interpreted in many ways. It may be the wooden sharpened object that you plunge into the heart of the vampire. It can be defined as a claim made toward a piece of property, and, it can be the investment one has made into his or her personal finances and career. This last definition is the one that I would like to take a few moments to address, that is, the “stake” that each one of us as veterinarians has committed to the veterinary profession. Today, more than ever before, each of us finds him- or herself examining our present and future in arguably the best profession in the world. DETAILS

PCR for the Molecular Diagnosis of Infectious and Genetic Diseases: A Primer

PCR or polymerase chain reaction technology has become an accessible and economical tool for diagnosing infections in veterinary patients and for identifying genetic mutations that are the basis for a variety of congenital and heritable diseases.  Detection of genetic fingerprints and paternity testing are additional applications.  PCR amplifies the target genetic material, which may be present in minute amounts, to produce many copies of DNA that reach a detectable level. DETAILS

Guess What I Saw?

Vincent, a 9 year old male, castrated Labrador retriever, presented to GAVH on 1/3/12 with a 7- day history of vomiting. Initially vomiting was intermittent, but became constant, and the dog was unable to drink or eat without vomiting. Abdominal radiographs revealed a spoon foreign body in the cranial abdomen. DETAILS

Dean Schurig Lays First Hokie Stone in New Virginia Tech Veterinary Medicine Building

Dr. Gerhardt Schurig, dean of the veterinary college, joined construction workers on Tuesday, Feb. 21, to place the first batch of the dolomite limestone in the façade for the new Veterinary Medicine Instruction Addition. DETAILS

VMRCVM Announces Scholarship Recipients

The Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine announced the following scholarship recipients at its awards luncheon earlier this month.

Alicia Agnew, Class of 2013
Maryland Veterinary Medical Association Auxiliary Scholarship

Jonel Nightengale, Class of 2012
Dr. David Bogash Memorial Award

Sarah Brauning, Class of 2012
Dr. A. Cleveland Brown Scholarship

Kathryn Thomas, Class of 2013
Jane Nusz Foy Memorial Scholarship

Ellen Ferguson, Class of 2013
Dr. Robert C. Hammond Scholarship

Daniel Woodburn, Class of 2012
Maryland Veterinary Medical Association's Past President's Scholarship

Kevin Jones, Class of 2013
Dr. Harry L. Schultz, Jr. Memorial Award
Dr. Charles G. Ziegler Memorial Scholarship

Raju Naik, Class of 2014
Ray Thompson Communication Scholarship

New MVMA Student Chapter at VMRCVM

A new student club has been started at the Virginia- Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine. The MVMA student chapter has been started to provide networking and learning opportunities to ALL students attending VMRCVM, and not just to Maryland residents. DETAILS

Cassie Wedd Receives Mitchell E. Essey Veterinary Public Practice Scholarship

The Center for Public and Corporate Veterinary Medicine, Virginia Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine (VMRCVM) is pleased to announce that Ms. Catherine (Cassie) Wedd has been selected as the first recipient of the Mitchell A. Essey Veterinary Public Practice Scholarship. DETAILS

Center for Public and Corporate Veterinary Medicine Update

2012 has been busy at the CPCVM as they start the New Year, continuing to modify, update, and stretch. DETAILS


MVMA Board Nominations Due by April 24

MVMA's Nominating Committee has presented its slate of candidates for MVMA's board of directors. Independent nominations are also accepted. DETAILS

MVMA 2012 Awards: Call for Entries

The Maryland Veterinary Medical Association, through the Public Relations Committee, is looking for candidates for its Distinguished Veterinarian Award and Good Doctor Award. DETAILS

Brittany Sohn to Serve as MVMA's Associate Executive Director

Meet Brittany Sohn, MVMA's new associate executive director. DETAILS

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Welcome New Members

MVMA welcomes the following members who have joined since our last newsletter was published.

New Members

Jennifer L. Bitman, VMD
Nara Deterding, DVM
Mark C. Haines, DVM, MS, MPH, DACVPM
Kristen M. Koester, RVT
Paul Pomes, DVM

Katie E. Sabella, DVM
Robert D. Silcox, DVM
Kristal J. Southern, DVM, MPH
Janice Tesi, DVM
Lisa Zakai (Keaton), DVM

MVMA Classifieds

MVMA's most recent job listings and listings for practices and equipment for sale. DETAILS


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