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Maryland HB 912 Addresses Animal Guardianship
by James Reed, DVM

Your veterinary association recently responded to legislation introduced to the Maryland House of Delegates. House Bill 912, introduced in early March, would alter certain terminology relating to the ownership and guardianship of dogs under Article 24 Political Subdivisions Miscellaneous Provisions.

With guidance from our legal counsel, William Erskine, and from the AVMA, our executive director Lauren Michalski and the board were able to organize an effective plan to inform veterinarians, Maryland citizens, and members of the Maryland House of Delegates, of the adverse effects of guardianship on animal owners and service providers. Delegates involved remarked that they received unprecedented negative reaction to the bill.

Thanks to our educated and logical-thinking delegates, the potential for this bill to move forward this year is doubtful. Delegate Kach of Baltimore introduced the bill at the urging of a student in the Maryland law school system who was reviewing animal law. This bill raises concerns about the changing legal climate and our need to be active with our legislators. Anyone wishing to participate on the Legislative Committee in his or her district is urged to contact Lauren Michalski.
The complete text of the bill appears here:
with the reaction statement prepared by the MVMA and AVMA

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