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Guess What I Saw!

by Kris Evans, DVM, DACVS

Ernest was a 10 month old male, castrated mixed-breed dog that presented for a two-day history of anorexia and vomiting. Ernest was seen by his regular veterinarian 36 hours after the onset of clinical signs. Abdominal radiographs were performed and Ernest was referred to Anne Arundel Veterinary Emergency Clinic for continued care. A gastrointestinal foreign object was suspected based on physical exam findings and results of abdominal radiography.

Physical examination revealed a normal temperature of 102ºF, pulse of 106 bpm, and panting for respiration. Mucous membranes were pink, with capillary refill time of 1 second. Abdominal palpation found mild discomfort and a palpable round object mid abdomen. CBC and chemistry profile were normal.

Exploratory celiotomy revealed a corncob foreign body in the jejunum that was successfully removed by enterotomy. The dog made a complete recovery.

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