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Bright Prospects for 2011

by John A. Kable, DVM - MVMA President

I hope winter finds you and your families well. Traditionally at this time of year we slow down a little to enjoy the holiday season and to take stock of our blessings. 2010 has been a year of transition for most of us. Economic challenges face all of us in our personal and business pursuits. Uncertainty prevails as we look to the future. It is an opportune time to evaluate where we have been, where we are, and where we are headed into the New Year.

The MVMA has been very busy since our summer meeting. The Strategic Planning Committee met over 2 days in July and formulated a new vision and mission statement. We have charted a new course for the MVMA and

identified several projects to be initiated. The Strategic Planning Committee will continue to monitor and reassess our goals as the year progresses.

The Legislative and Public Relations committees have been dusted off and reinvigorated to help fulfill our mission of service to the Maryland veterinary community. We plan to keep a constant stream of media and information flowing between our members. The electronic newsletter and the News Bites, monthly email updates from the MVMA to the membership, are direct results. In addition, the MVMA List-Serve will act as a conduit of information between colleagues, the MVMA, faculty and students at VMRCVM.

The Maryland Veterinary Industry Council is fully functional and has a seat on our Board of Directors. It is a coalition of active and involved members of the allied veterinary industries that support veterinary medicine in our daily work. We are pleased to welcome the Industry Council and its members to the MVMA and look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship.

We had a most successful fall meeting in Timonium. I would like to thank our Program Committee: Perry Crowe, Mike Erskine, and Valerie Ragan for the excellent speaker program they put together. I would also like to thank Lauren Michalski and his staff for all the effort they put into making it a success. The Winter Conference in Annapolis is scheduled for January 13, 2011 and the MVMA Ski Seminar will be in Telluride, March 29 - April 2, 2011. Dust off your boots and parka and plan a downhill adventure!

The New Year holds promise and opportunity for those who plan for success. Please help support the MVMA and the veterinary profession by staying in contact. We need your input as we change to meet your needs. Check out the monthly News Bites and the MVMA List-Serve. Put a few MVMA meetings on your schedule and invest in what you know---Veterinary Medicine.

May you and yours prosper in the New Year!

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