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Announcing the Maryland Veterinary Industry Council

The Maryland Veterinary Industry Council (MDVIC) has been approved by, and is partnering with, the Maryland Veterinary Medical Association (MVMA).
The mission of the MDVIC is to establish and enhance open communication between members of the MVMA and industry representatives, and to help achieve the goals of both organizations.

The new organization will help to improve awareness between the MVMA members and industry partners of mutual benefits, and will allow industry partners to better communicate the support they can provide to aid the MVMA. A primary goal for the MDVIC is to help to recruit and increase participation in, attendance at, and support for, the MVMA meetings which will increase the meetings’ value for both veterinarians and industry partners.

The MDVIC will have the opportunity to provide representatives to the various MVMA committees, and contributions to its publications. It will also have a non-voting position on the MVMA Board of Directors. This will create a platform for industry to offer constructive comments to the MVMA on their programs and activities.

The inaugural MDVIC Board of Directors members are: Joe Hollendoner (President), Sydney Schilling (Vice President), Jaine Ackley (Secretary), Mary Ellen Reek (Treasurer), Jane Collins, Laurel Kennedy, Tony Carrassai, Dawn Harman, Cindy Ward, and Mark McClean. Attending Industry members include (but are not limited to): Novartis (member), Boehringer-Ingelheim (member), Webster Veterinary Supply, SimonDR, Antech Diagnostics (member), Merial (member), Elanco, Evolve Medical Imaging, Hills Pet Nutrition, Roadrunner Pharmacy, AXA Advisors, IDEXX Laboratories, Nutramax Labs, Butler-Schein Animal Health, Summit Vet Pharm, Intervet/Schering Plough, LiteCure (member), MWI (member), and Midwest Veterinary Supply. Industry membership applications are now being accepted.

The MVMA is happy to welcome the MDVIC, and looks forward to the benefits of the new partnership.

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