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Members Making a Difference

by Tom Armitage, DVM - MVMA President

I want to take this opportunity to let our membership know that there are many within our group that have been diligent and giving of their time to help keep this association active, representative and relevant to our veterinary profession in Maryland.

This past May a group of our members aided lobbying efforts by the AVMA's Governmental Relations Division (GRD) to show our opposition to H.R. 1406 and to help support the Veterinary Loan Repayment Enhancement Act. Dr. Janet Peterson, Chair of our Legislative Committee, along with other members and William Erskine, Esq., our legislative counsel, carefully observe and lobby on behalf of the MVMA for key state

legislative issues. Dr. Kris Evans, the Public Relations Committee chair, and her hard-working committee members have enhanced this group's effectiveness in keeping all of us informed.

Our Membership/ Strategic Planning task force, headed by Dr. Ed Jendrek and Industry Council member Mary Ellen Reek, has been vitally important in establishing our organization’s growth and direction. I'd like to especially acknowledge the many years of service and dedication to our CE committee that Dr. Perry Crowl has graciously contributed. We all are very much indebted to him for his efforts.

On the VMRCVM front thanks go to Dr. Mike Erskine who chairs our College Committee and also the Maryland Veterinary Foundation. We had an excellent showing at the recent Mentors’ activities in Blacksburg, and we have several new members participating. Thanks to all who are stepping into this rewarding association activity.

The MVMA is collaborating with the VVMA, DCVMA, and WVVMA to present the inaugural Potomac Regional Veterinary Conference at the L'Enfant Plaza Hotel in Washington D.C. November 11-13. It has already received a tremendous response, and is demonstrating regional veterinary medical association cooperation and collegiality at its best.

These are just some examples of your association at work. It would take me the entire newsletter to point out all those out there who are continuing to contribute to the MVMA. I most sincerely appreciate all of their efforts, and I hope others will follow their lead and become involved at any level. Please call or contact any of us listed and see what skills and energy you can bring to your association.

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