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Immiticide Update: Improved Availability for Cases in Need

Since summer, veterinarians in the United States have been struggling with limited or exhausted supplies of Immiticide®, the only product approved for killing adult heartworms. The manufacturing difficulties are persistent, but veterinarians may contact Merial directly for access to rationed supplies of the product imported from Europe. Merial’s press release follows here, as well as a link to the American Heartworm’s Society’s suggestions for clinical management of heartworm patients until the drug is available.

Merial Statement on availability of IMMITICIDE® (melarsomine dihydrochloride)

In August, Merial informed veterinarians that the company that manufactures IMMITICIDE® (melarsomine dihydrochloride) is experiencing technical issues in their plant that will temporarily affect their ability to provide finished product to us.

With the cooperation of FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM), Merial has arranged as a temporary measure to import limited quantities of IMMITICIDE from our European supplier on an intermittent basis. While this product is used in other countries, it is not FDA-approved for use in the United States. However, due the critical need for the product, FDA/CVM has agreed for Merial to make IMMITICIDE available under a Restricted Distribution Program.

Distribution Process

Merial has maintained a record of clinics that have called us to indicate they have active heartworm cases in need of treatment. We will contact these clinics to complete the order process as appropriate.

As clinics identify new dogs that require treatment with IMMITICIDE, we ask that they call Customer Care at 1-888-MERIAL-1 (1-888-637-4251), option 1 to report the case and request product. Requests will be added to the list and as product becomes available they will be contacted in the order in which the case was reported.

Veterinarians will be able to distinguish this imported product by lot numbers that begin with the letters “MR” on the vial containing the freeze-dried cake. Merial requests that veterinarians record the lot numbers for the European IMMITICIDE and, as with any product, report any adverse events.

Veterinarians who have technical questions may contact our Veterinary Technical Solutions team at 1-888-637-4251, Option 3. For information on heartworms and heartworm disease, visit the American Heartworm Society Website at

Merial and the IMMITICIDE manufacturer fully understand the critical need for the product and are continuing to work together to return to full supply as quickly as possible.




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