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Halloween Pet Poisoning: The Bad Tricks


Halloween kicks off our fall season of overeating and overindulgence, and most homes will have plenty of sweet treats around for trick or treaters, or for the homeowners themselves!

While most veterinarians are acutely aware of the inherent risks of chocolate and well familiar with the signs of methylxanthine toxicity they may not consider some of the more insidious food toxins, such as grapes or raisins, or even bread dough. Poison control centers will be quite busy this season, and offer such user- friendly online resources as this article about common holiday hazards:

The ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center is another valuable resource to veterinarians and pet owners, alike. Three veterinary monographs addressing common Halloween risks to pets are presented:

Glow Jewelry (dibutyl phthalate) Ingestion in Cats

Chocolate Intoxication

The Wrath of Grapes

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Glow Jewelry Ingestion in Cats

Chocolate Intoxication

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