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MVMA Finishes an Active Year

by James Reed, DVM - MVMA Immediate Past President

MVMA Immediate Past President James Reed, DVM (left) is recognized by incoming President John A. Kable, DVM for his service to MVMA as its president.

The board of directors of the Maryland Veterinary Medical Association has been very active this past year. Our Summer Conference in Ocean City was a large success and provided a suitable finale to our work as a group.

Through the help of Lauren Michalski and The Management Alliance, Inc., we have expanded our interaction with neighboring organizations and the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine. We have also implemented policies that will increase our membership numbers and benefits.

Continuing education programs provided an

excellent source of information with venues that allowed colleagues to exchange ideas and network through personal interaction. Legislative activity and national issues were closely monitored and our organization continued to grow in an effort to represent and preserve our legacy and professional interests.

Our association has increased its ability to notify members about issues with an internet connection via an online newsletter. Further interaction between our members and VMRCVM through the use of the World Wide Web is also being explored.

The MVMA is committed to providing and improving these important functions, so as to meet our mission statement and increase membership benefits. I have complete confidence that the upcoming year and new board of directors will take these interests and actions to a higher level.

There are many ways to measure commitment in an organization. I like the old barnyard analogy of the contribution that the pig and the chicken make for a successful breakfast. Even though many of us are not as bold as the pig, the effort of a group of chickens results in a more enjoyable and sustaining benefit to all.

I’ve learned a great deal this year as president and found it very rewarding to work with so many committees and dedicated practice professionals. I wish to thank the members for giving me the opportunity to enjoy the experience and I look forward to the activity in the upcoming year.

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