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Tipping the Scales in Our Favor

by John A. Kable, DVM - MVMA President

John A. Kable, DVM (right) accepts MVMA’s presidential gavel from Immediate Past President James Reed, DVM at the summer conference in Ocean City.

I would like to begin my year by thanking all the people who have contributed to the ongoing success of the MVMA. Countless hours of effort go into each meeting, conference and function sponsored by the association. Special thanks go to the board of directors and the committees which do the leg work, to Lauren Michalski and his staff who make it happen, and to Jim Reed for his steady guidance and good natured diplomacy over the past year. The ongoing commitment of many individuals to our profession has brought our organization to a tipping point.

We face many challenges as an organization. Communication to our members must evolve in

an era of rapidly changing electronic media. We strive to provide relevant continuing education in a changing sea of local, national and Internet offerings. We must be a pro-active and ever vigilant watchdog in our state and national legislatures — representing your interests and livelihood while weathering a tough economy and a litigious society.

We have just completed a much needed strategic planning session with a diverse group of participants. With new direction, goals and objectives, our committees can move forward in a unified effort to provide relevant benefits to our members.

As an example, the MVMA has just introduced a new dues structure for multi-person practices to encourage all veterinarians in the practice to become members.
We are about to introduce a member listserve to help you keep abreast of emerging information and stay in touch with colleagues. We are also proud to announce the formation of the Industry Council — a coalition of concerned and active veterinary industry representatives and vendors who will have a non-voting position on the board of directors.

Over the past year or so, we have gained precious momentum. Cooperation with VMRCVM, the Center for Public and Corporate Practice at the Gudelsky Center, the Virginia VMA and the Virginia-Maryland Alumni Society has energized the MVMA. New faces, new ideas and new energy have brought on a burgeoning sense of vitality and direction. All we need is YOU to give us the final push over the tipping point. We need YOU on a committee, to bring your energy, perspective and talent to bear for the betterment of your veterinary community.

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