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USDA May Accredit 60,000 Veterinarians in Revised NVAP

Veterinarians who haven’t signed up with the Department of Agriculture’s revised accreditation program by early August can expect their existing accreditation to expire.

The USDA set an Aug. 2 deadline for applications under the revised National Veterinary Accreditation Program, which allows veterinarians to perform specific duties for the USDA.

Veterinarians who submitted applications may continue performing accredited duties. Unless their forms contain errors, applicants will not be contacted by the USDA until they receive letters with their national accreditation numbers and renewal dates, Madelaine Fletcher, a spokeswoman for the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, said.

The new NVAP adds educational requirements, two tiers of accreditation, and renewals every three years. The USDA is distributing the initial renewal dates from 2013-2015.

The first tier of accreditation, called category I, allows veterinarians to perform specific duties for the USDA involving animals such as cats and dogs but not food and fiber species, horses, birds, farm-raised aquatic animals, other livestock, or zoo animals that can transmit exotic animal diseases to livestock. The second tier, category II, allows such work on all animals.

The USDA will later have program certifications or specialized training.
Additional information is available at!animaLhealthjvecaccreditation.

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