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Resolution Calls for 2011 to be World Veterinary Year

Congress has been asked to mark the upcoming 250th anniversary of veterinary medicine by proclaiming 2011 as World Veterinary Year.

The two veterinarians serving in Congress-Rep. Kurt Schrader and Sen. John Ensign-each introduced a resolution July 15 honoring the contributions of veterinarians in the promotion of animal and public health.

Because the world’s first veterinary school was established in Lyon, France, in 1761, the international veterinary community is celebrating 2011 as the 250th anniversary of the veterinary medical profession.

The resolutions will have to be voted out of committee before being considered by the House and Senate.

The AVMA is working with foreign colleagues on plans to commemorate the anniversary. Veterinary organizations within 78 countries are expected to observe the 2011 milestone with special events throughout the year.

AVMA CEO Ron DeHaven welcomed his veterinary colleagues’ efforts to honor the veterinary profession. “The United States is joining with citizens from around the globe to honor the contributions veterinary medicine has made to animal health, public health, animal welfare, and food safety,” Dr. DeHaven said.

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