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Check Your Credit Card Processing Statements Regularly

Did you know if you participate in MVMAs Credit Card Processing Program through RCSC you can review your account as often as you choose online instead of waiting to receive your statement in the mail each month? Checking your account frequently really pays off, as the following example demonstrates.

In a regular review of his credit card account, an RCSC processing program participant noticed he was missing $7,000, a full days worth of transactions. He immediately called one of RCSCs in-house credit card processing experts, Michele Coons, who helped him resolve his problem and get his money. What was the key to success here? This business owner regularly reviews his processing account online and compares them to his income ledger to make sure everything matches up.

For those MVMA members in RCSCs processing program, we review your statements on a quarterly basis in a search for errors through our Watchdog Program. However, you should make a practice of checking statements frequently too. RCSCs Merchant Services Team suggests reviewing your account at least monthly, if not weekly, to be sure there are no errors. Our free online service through Global Payments Direct, Inc. makes checking your account convenient.
Another tip to prevent processing errors: You should always run a test transaction with your credit card processing company whenever you get your terminal programmed or reprogrammed to be sure it is working properly.

Call Michele in RCSCs Merchant Services Department at (800) 442-3589 if you are interested in checking your account online; she will get you registered for this service. Michele would also be happy to answer any questions about your credit card processing statements or terminal reprogramming.

If you havent considered joining MVMAs processing program through RCSC, why not allow us to do a free, no-obligation savings analysis? Were typically able to save practices money on this business expense and no other processor offers the added protection of a quarterly review of statements like RCSC does through our Watchdog Program.

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