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MVMA Seeks Award Nominees

The MVMA Public Relations Committee is looking for candidates for the following awards. Please use the online nomination form to nominate eligible veterinarians by May 1, 2010.

Distinguished Veterinarian Award
This award will be given to a veterinarian who has tirelessly served the veterinary profession. The recipient will have actively worked within our profession as well as served the veterinary community at the local, state or national level. Veterinarians from all fields will be considered equally. This award is open to private practitioners, as well as industrial, academic or governmental veterinarians.

Award Criteria
1. The nominee must be a graduate of a recognized veterinary college.
2. The nominee must have been an MVMA member for the last five consecutive years.
3. The nominee will be a member of our profession who has demonstrated consistent effort on behalf of our fellow veterinarians to enhance and strengthen their professional environment at the local, state or national level of organized veterinary medicine.

The Good Doctor Award
This award is designed to honor a veterinarian who has demonstrated the kind of compassion and kindness toward clients, patients and the community reflected in the term, “The Good Doctor.”

Individuals nominated should be cited for an act or series of acts which demonstrate such compassion and kindness. Many veterinarians do outstanding things in their service to patients, clients and the community that often go unrecognized. We hear stories about veterinarians who have worked with missions in foreign countries to help in self development programs for agriculture and livestock; of veterinarians who regularly devote time to the teaching of children or to the psychological and emotional care of adults; of veterinarians who have made a contribution to knowledge about a particular disease or a treatment modality. Any MVMA member, whether practitioner, researcher, teacher, regulatory, is eligible to be considered.

Award Criteria
1. The nominee must be a graduate of a recognized veterinary college.
2. The nominee must have been a MVMA member for the last five consecutive years.

Please use the online form to nominate an MVMA member for one or both of the above awards. Nominations are due by May 1, 2010.

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