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AVMA Leadership Conference Report

by Dr. Ed Jendrek - AVMA Delegate

AVMA held its Veterinary Leadership Conference and House of Delegates January 8-10, 2010 in Chicago. Five MVMA members attended the event Dr. Ed Jendrek (AVMA Delegate), Dr. John Brooks (AVMA District II Representative), Dr. John Kable (MVMA President-elect), Dr. Thomas Armitage (MVMA Vice
President) and Dr. Jane Brunt.

The mission of the conference was to develop leaders for the benefit of the individual and the veterinary profession. The conference lasted for three days and total attendance was over 600.

The programs included workshops covering topics about work/life balance, self awareness, advocacy, social media and animal welfare. Other sessions included a keynote presentation on the art of communication and building better customer client relationships.

The closing session discussed leadership courage: How to lead courageously in a turbulent age. All these programs contained a wealth of information which attendees could use at the state level.

The winter session of the AVMA House of Delegates addressed key issues and policy changes affecting the veterinary profession. Five resolutions were considered and debated. Bylaw changes were also discussed.

All of the attendees considered the conference worthwhile. There were representatives from all the state VMAs across the country. Networking continued well into the evening. The MVMA representatives were very appreciative to have the chance to participate in the conference.

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