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MVMA Builds Alliances in the Veterinary Community

by James Reed, DVM - MVMA President

The MVMA Executive Board has been active over the past three months promoting our mission of increasing interaction with veterinary groups that share our interests. Benefits gained by expanding these relationships will increase our abilities to address issues within our own state and provide opportunity for our membership to interact with other colleagues.

The Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine has recently been a large part of our agenda. Board members feel that it is crucial to maintain a strong relationship with our state supported veterinary college. We must continue to better understand the college needs and

inform our membership of the trends and concerns affecting our profession. Student interests and opportunities are changing and the veterinary college is on the educational forefront that feeds our profession. Close contact with administrators and faculty members is our best hope to understand the future of our profession. The economy has greatly impacted the college and we in return need to provide support by giving voice where and when needed.

We have a great deal of common interest with the Virginia Veterinary Medical Association. This relationship is not only geographically and economically similar but we also share a veterinary college. Graduates now exceed 20 years and students have returned to both states. Our association has been communicating with the Virginia groups to align our common goals and we are destined to construct a regional meeting that will provide a unique venue that will benefit both groups.

The College Park veterinary campus has experienced a revitalized focus. Corporate and regulatory opportunities within our profession have been expanding and retirement within this area has been predicted to increase as well. This has raised the concern that there may be a void. We currently have joined the college park campus in forming a task force to explore this concern.

Undergraduate students attending the University of Maryland are also finding a re-energized program. The counseling and interview programs with the veterinary college at College Park are currently expanding to include activity with the Blacksburg Campus. Promoting the veterinary college both on campus and within our communities to attract talented students has become a top priority. We will continue to support these efforts and veterinarians within our state should look to this resource when coming upon interested students.

The mentor program provides student interaction with many of our members. Participation continues to grow and provides great rewards to both student and mentor.

Continuing education remains a top priority. Multiple programs will continue to be available to meet the increased 18 credit demand for Maryland state licensure. Our fall was successful and the one day meeting in Annapolis looks promising. There is also the opportunity to join the ski group in Telluride this year and Jackson Hole the following year. We will return to Ocean City for our summer meeting.

Finally we are gearing up for the legislative session this winter. A new legislative task force has been established and will work closely with our representing attorney to review bills of interest.

Our veterinary association remains our best opportunity to interact and work together on common goals. Our board remains confident in our direction and our enthusiasm is contagious. We welcome your comments and hope you also catch the bug and join us.

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